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About us

Welcome to XINCART

(1) Trends of our generation local to beyond the tradition

(2) Destination of local trends to beyond the tradition

We are going to create the community as honest and loyal nowhere else .We make our sincere efforts to provide security and satisfaction to all customers, dealer, supplier, artist, creator and manufacturer. We give the value of heart& emotion to make the market beyond the tradition. Focus on the values of products rather than competition with modern matching competitor. Given the choice of the generation to choose their needs from one place and fell to be proud as local beings. Because it made for you by we the generation to make our world by our responsive & reliable hands so, indirectly your all contribution buy to sell and support on here represents you from both the ends. When we build community, contribute through it and spread helpful ideas, we empower Each other and create our own path. I.e. we for us than anything is possible. So, let’s prove to do, say, show and spread   proudly that we for us.

  Our mission:

We are committed to satisfy our customers, the best offer possible at lowest & reasonably affordable price, outmost convenience with the best & quality selection.

 Our vision

To bringing the worlds of the generation at here. To make it the best only destination of local & traditional products available, where customer can lookout to find for their needs, anything to discover for buy online.

 Registered office address:

13/A, Kahilipara RD, Dakhingaon, Guwahati, Assam, India-781019


Working Addreess:

9A, K.C Sen Road, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati, Kamrup(m), Assam, India-781008

Contact No: 9365072263




CIN:  U72900AS2018PTC018936