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Almond/Badam - Roasted & Salted-1kg

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Almond/Badam - Roasted & Salted-1kg

Almonds - Roasted & Salted create up a key part of a strong and various diet. Their moderately long shelf life, portability and wealthy nutrient profile create nuts perfect snack ideas to aid you keep a healthy diet. Roasted salted almonds benefit your health by increasing your intake of a few key nutrients. These fat-free roasted almonds include 0 grams of transfat per serving. 

Protein in roasted salted almonds to maintain your tissues, preventing the tissue breakdown. Fiber also helps soften your stools to fight constipation, and helps to regulate your blood sugar after a meal. Vitamin E protects you from free radicals, a class of chemicals that oxidize your proteins, DNA and cell membranes. Magnesium also helps make up bone tissue to keep your skeleton strong.
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