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Amaranthus - Chopped-500gm

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Amaranthus - Chopped-500gm
A highly nutritious leafy vegetable, Amaranthus is also known as Chinese spinach. They are available in light purple, green or a bicolour of the two. 
We deliver them finely chopped for your ease and convenience because we value your every minute. 
Storage and Uses
We deliver these leaflets in hygienic packages which can be directly stored in your refrigerator. Chopped amaranthus can be stored in the refrigerator for upto five days. 
Consumed in the form of stir fries, soups, gravies, simmered dishes, daal and curries. 
Amaranthus is an excellent source of elements like foliate, calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin C, A and a powerhouse of iron. 
Relieves a wide variety of oral problems like mouth ulcers, sore throat, bad breath and swollen gums. 

Regular consumption helps in easing digestion, excessive menstruation and weight management. 

The leaves are also deemed to be an effective measure against hair loss, skin problems and premature greying. 
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