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Ber has an orange-red colour glossy skin and is a delight to the eye. It is one of the Stone fruit variety because of the hard inedible seeds at the centre. 
Treat your taste buds with spongy and mealy flavoured ber fruits that are sweet and have distinctive flavour.
Storage and Uses
Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Ber is eaten raw, pickled or used in beverages, they are also stewed. Ripe fruits are preserved by sun-drying and also powdered. Fruits are also eaten in other forms, such as dried, candied, juiced, or as ber butter. 
Ber helps fight cancer. This fruit relieves constipation and treats insomnia. Ber is proven to have calming effects on the brain and the nervous system. It also regulates blood pressure and blood circulation., fruits
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