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Brinjal - Bottle Shape-250gm

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Brinjal - Bottle Shape-250gm
Deep purple and oval shaped bottle brinjals are glossy skinned vegetables with a white and have a soft flesh. 
Storage and Uses
Brinjals are not good for long time storing. So, consume within a few days and store in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight. If not consumed within 2 days, refrigerate by wrapping in a paper towel or perforated plastic bag and use within a week. The inner white flesh turns brown quickly once its cut, so use it as soon as you cut them or refrigerate by placing the remaining on a bowl or plate, but avoid sealing, as it increases decay. 
Brinjals are a prominent part of Indian dry and gravy curries. Also used in lentil soups , stews and rice items. Can be roasted, grilled, baked and stir-fried. Look up the local and popular Vaangibath recipe. 
Bottle brinjals are a nutritionally rich food item. They are rich in dietery fibres, Vitamin C and K, phytonutrient compounds and anti-oxidants. They help in keeping cholesterol levels in check and helps in weight loss while being excellent for controlling blood sugar levels and are also known for preventing cancer and heart diseases., Vegetable
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