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Fried Gram/Bengal Gram-500gm

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Fried Gram/Bengal Gram-500gm

Fried Gram is one of the most significant pulses in India. It is used in the form of whole dried seeds and in the form of dhal, arranged by splitting the seeds in a mill and separating the husk. It makes a great, strong snack on the go because they are low in fat and calories and high in protein and fiber. 

Fried Gram has lots of dietary fiber and this helps prevent constipation as it promotes easy bowel movement. Roasted gram is an outstanding source of maganese, folate and protein, copper, phosphorous and iron. All these are very necessary for good health. It controls cholesterol level, diabetics level of people who suffering from these type of problems. It is very good for those people who want to control & plan their diet charts.
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