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Mushrooms - Oyster-2kg

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Mushrooms - Oyster-2kg
Oyster mushrooms are pale to dark gray in colour and have a shape like that of an oyster with a soft and slightly chewy texture. 
They have a mild flavour and an aroma and taste similar to that of seafood. 
Storage and Uses
Do not wash them until just before use. To preserve, saute with butter or oil and freeze them. These mushrooms dehydrate rapidly and can be used in their dry state without re-hydrating. 
Mushrooms can be grilled, boiled and added to burgers and sandwiches. They can also be cooked and added to rice, noodles, gravys or fried and added to curries, salads, or as pizza toppings. 

Slice the mushrooms, stir fry with soy sauce and oil for a simple dish.
Oyster mushrooms are a good source of fiber and extremely low in calories. They combat diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels. 
They have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties., Vegetable 
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