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Papaya - Raw Green-1pc

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Papaya - Raw Green-1pc
Raw green papayas come with a sour taste. Consume the not so pulpy, half white fleshed fruit to experience amazing health benefits and a variety of vitamins and minerals. We have selectively picked organically grown papayas from the farms. 
Storage and Uses
Store it in the refrigerator if you wish to consume it before ripening. 
Raw papaya salad is one of the most popular dishes across the globe too. Toss the chopped flesh with lemon juice, chillies, peanuts and fresh herbs for delicious medley of flavours, that make a great option for refreshing lunch. Make your meal interesting by raw papaya curries.
Raw papayas contain more minerals, active enzymes that help in proper metabolism compared to ripe ones. They prevent asthma and cancer. Mashed papayas help in wound healing and preventing infections. The potassium and fiber content present in papayas help to ward off heart diseases., Vegetable
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