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    Heavy Duty Microfiber Spin Mop with Plastic Bucket & Rotating Steel Pole Head

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    Heavy Duty Microfiber Spin Mop with Plastic Bucket & Rotating Steel Pole Head 

    Spin Mop provides convenient cleaning options. It is a quick and easy solution to dirt and dust that cannot be cleaned with a vacuum. Its microfiber cleaning technology quickly picks up dirt, pet hair, crumbs, and more. It comes with a twin bucket which is used for wringing and drying the mop thus aiding to the efficient cleaning.

    The handle of the mop is durable and long lasting. The mop is 360 degrees movable and can perform deep cleaning. Bucket of the spin mop is divided in 2 sections for separate wringing and cleaning operation. The spin mop comes with and handle to lift the bucket easily and a water outlet to remove dirty water.

    Product Features : 

    Convenient Grip
    This spin mop offers a convenient grip handle that lets you have a firm hold over it thus avoiding slippage and inconvenience.

    Microfiber Cleaning
    The spin mop comes with a microfiber cleaning technology which has the capacity to absorb a substantial amount of liquid, hence can clean surfaces with ease.

    360-Degree Mop Handle
    The mop has 360 degrees movement hence can clean surfaces with ease. Thus the usual inaccessible corners can be reached and cleaned efficiently with this mop.

    Efficient Cleaning
    This spin mop cleans with efficiency to pick up the dust with a single swipe due to its extendable handle with 360-degree movement. It can clean the dirt from both wet and dry surfaces due to the microfiber threads.


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