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    Coconut Opener Tool Double-Ended Coconut Knife

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    • Now you can prepare coconuts at home
    • Easily crack open the coconut with this strong tool
    • Drink fresh coconut water directly from the source
    • Use a coconut knife to easily open the coconut eye and pour the coconut water out.

    Product description


    DeoDap Coconut Openner Tool Double-ended Coconut Knife 

    Enjoy coconuts everyday with the Kitchen Coconut Opener. Coconut water and coconut oil have many health benefits, now you can prepare them at home!

    To use, puncture the soft ‘eye’ of the coconut wiht the end of the coconut opener and pour out the coconut water into a glass. Then, smack the center of the coconut perpendicular to the grain. Rotate the coconut and smack again until the interior coconut meat cracks.

    Clean the Coconut Opener with a damp cloth. Treat the handle with vegetable oil every couple of months to prolong the life of the tool.

    You can finally forget about spending your precious time trying to safely and easily open a coconut to enjoy its fresh and delicious water. Our coconut knife has a steady, comfortable grip that was specially ground in order to be safer for your hands as well.

    Knocking around 1-2 rings around a mature coconut, can easily split it into two halves.

    Its a good helper in the kitchen, drinking fresh coconut water directly from the source.

    You can easily drill at the bottom of the coconut and therefore easier to poke for the hole.


    - Color: As shown.

    - Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic.

    - Size: Approx. 28.5 x 4 x 4cm

    Package Included

    1 x coconut shell opener


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