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    Power free blender

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    Hand Blender for Your Kitchen Tool Stainless Steel Rust Free Blade

    You can get creative with a hand blender - explore those new recipes for soups, smoothies, sauces. Compared to a traditional jug blender, they can be a lot more convenient too: you simply stick it into your pan and away you go. Hand blenders take up less space in your kitchen, create less washing up and there's minimal food wastage.

    Powerless Hand Blender

    Press and relax handle for performance. Heavy gear system for flawless usage.

    Smoothly rotating gears are enclosed for protection and easy clean-up non-slip grips on turning knob and contoured handle non electrical, handy and easy to operate.

    100% Stainless Steel Blade, ABS plastic material for extra durability

    Easy to Operate

    knob and contoured handle non electrical, handy and easy to operate.

    Sturdy stainless steel beaters can be removed easily for cleaning beaters are elevated and continue to work while device rests on bottom of bowl

    • Beating: cream,Eggs etc.
    • Liquidizing:Tomato Soup,Dal Etc.
    • Churning: Milk Shake, lassi ,Butter Milk Etc.
    • Easy to Grip Quick to Clean
    • Easy to Store Multipurpose blade By using power free hand
    • stainless steel blade ABS Plastic body for extra durability
    • Heavy gear system .
    • Easy to grip
    • Convenient to use.
    • Quick to clean.
    • Easy to store .
    • Multipurpose blade.


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