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    Plastic Adjustable Flame & Gas refillable Lighter (Multicolour)

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    Plastic Adjustable Flame & Gas refillable Lighter


    • With gas refill, a truly multi purpose flame lighter for every household use - even beyond
    • Lock and unlock switch, can maintain flow of flame by + to - switch
    • Long life of gas,now light effortlessly - your candles, your agarbattis, your puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your barbeques and of course your gas stoves
    • Gas lighter with gas refill also. Long life of gas. Better design. Multi colours available.
    • Switch can locked or unlocked, too keep away from children.
    • lighters plays with the idea of a functional kitchen accessory also being a great source of entertainment.
    • Shaped like a gun, these bright colored gas lighters are the perfect alternative to match-sticks and hard-to-control lighters.
    • Entertaining to use and highly efficient these lighters have been shaped and made to function like an actual gun.
    • To light the stove, all you have to do is press the trigger as you would a gun.

    Package Include: 1 x Gas lighter

    • Refillable and Adjustable Flame Gas Kitchen Lighter
    • Stainless Steel Nozzle At The End Of The Lighter
    • Now light effortlessly - your Candles, your Agarbattis, your Puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your Barbeques and of course your Gas stoves
    • The lighter has a small window in its handle so you can see how much gas you have left to use.
    • Safety Lock - to keep safe from the little ones


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