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Pumpkin - Green-250gm

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Pumpkin - Green-250gm
Green pumpkins are round with slightly ribbed, deep green skin. Their flesh are creamish to light green, flat, edible seeds (pepitas) which are tender and mildly sweet. 
Storage and Uses
Whole pumpkins can be stored on a piece of cardboard in a cool, dry and dark place for a couple of weeks. Store cut ones in the refrigerator. 
Pumpkins are used in curries, soups, blended into purees and used to prepare sweets like halwa. Pumpkin Seeds can be eaten raw, roasted or added to oatmeals, salads and curries. 
A cup of cubed pumpkin has twice the daily vitamin A content that is essential for good vision. Pumpkins are rich in fiber. 
They are also good for male sexual health. Pumpkin seeds contain serotonin, that helps relax and promotes better sleep., Vegetable 
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