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Water Ipomoea / Kalmi Saag-500gm

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Water Ipomoea / Kalmi Saag-500gm
Arrowhead shaped, long, flat water ipomoea/kalmi saag leaves have a succulent texture similar to spinach, with a mild and nutty undertone.
Storage and Uses
We deliver water ipomea leaves in the best hygienic packages which you can directly store in your refrigerator. They keep well for upto 2-3 days. 
Can be steamed, fried and added to soups and curries. They pair well with garlic. 
Water spinach treats stomach and intestinal disorders. Consuming water spinach leaves on a regular basis helps maintain a glowing and healthy skin. 
Reduces cholesterol and treats jaundice, anemia and constipation. , Vegetable
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