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Watermelon - Diced-500gm

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Watermelon - Diced-500gm

We have come up with a whole pack of delicious fresh-cut chunks of watermelon, in all its crispness, juiciness, and sweetness. 
This fruit is as thirst-quenching as ice water, and comes with a touch of sweetness. We can't imagine summertime without it.

Storage and Uses
Serve the melons chilled.

Can be eaten fresh - scoop them up with ice creams or in fruit salads. Spice up your watermelon with a tinge of mint leaves.

Used in cocktails and fresh juices which also serves as a healthy alternative to sugary carbonated drinks. 
Watermelons have excellent hydrating properties with 90% water content. 
Rich in anti-oxidant flavonoids that protects against prostate, breast, colon, pancreatic and lung cancers. They are an excellent source of lycopene which protects skin against harmful UV rays. It is also a great source for A, C, B-complex vitamins, iron and fiber which boosts body metabolism. 
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