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Wax Apple - Jamrul-1kg

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Wax Apple - Jamrul-1kg
Wax Apple or Jamrul are a variant of black jamuns eaten widely in summer due to its refreshing and cooling properties. The Jamuns have a white to pinkish toned skin with waxy texture. This seedless fruits are juicy, tastes mildly sweet. They can be eaten without peeling the outer skin. 
Storage and Uses
Store white jamuns at room temperature and use them in 1 or 2 days. They can also be wrapped in sheet and refrigerated. Snack them raw with a pinch of salt. Add them in salds and custards. Used to prepare juices, wine, sherbats and milkshakes.
White jamuns are good for diabetes, as it helps to improve blood sugar control. They are rich in calcium, proteins and carbohydrates. Also reduces throat infections and respiratory diseases., fruits
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